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Is your company pursuing on having a green environment? For those companies that are planning on going green, you need to make sure that you are evaluating the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of your HVAC system. The ten percent parasitic energy that is being used in commercial sector is being produced by commercial HVAC system and that is based on the research conducted by experts and professionals about commercial data centre cooling and HVAC systems. According to the language of HVAC systems, parasitic is a terms commonly used to describe the energy that is being required in the production of conditioned air, distributing it throughout the entire building, and discharging the heat coming from these processes to the exterior of the building.


If you want to practice becoming energy efficient, you need to make sure that the consumption of energy by the HVAC processes are reduced and the interior climate that it creates are preserved since both of this are strategies for reducing the pollution caused by carbon emission. Below are some of the ways wherein you can increase the energy efficiency of your company through the improvement of climate control, especially if energy efficiency is part of your company's initiative:


Based on what energy efficiency professionals, they said that the ones responsible for the increase in the consumption of energy which is above necessary in producing optimal temperature effect is the oversized components that is usually containes inside the HVAC systems such as the air distribution fan. According to the study performed by consultants and professionals, it is stated that the supply and return fans accounts for fifty percent of the parasitic energy that is being used by commercial HVAC systems. The reduction of the oversized fans contained inside the HVAC systems is one way of reducing the parasitic consumption of the system, the reduction of the carbon footprint as well as the decrease in their utility bills annually without having the need to reduce the temperature control.


If you have and HVAC but its components have not yet been evaluated for energy efficiency, it would be best for you to contact an HVAC services company who conducts efficiency installation so that you can schedule an inspection for your HVAC system.


Speaking of building envelope, it actually pertains to the barrier that is being set between the interior environment and the exterior environment. Roof system, coverings on exterior walls that are designed for the purpose of temperature controls as well as the insulation between the interior and exterior walls are some components you can find in a building envelope. There are so many building envelopes that you can choose from for your commercial building, however, you need to make sure that the envelope you chose is in sync with the temperature of your building, its construction as well as the climate where it resides. Visit to read more about this.